Welcome to the Future of Automotive Paint Refinement and Protection

Welcome to the Future of Automotive Paint Protection

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A whole world of new car protection, refinishing, clear film wrapping, and detailing services is now at your fingertips.

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Ceramic Coating

CARPRO CQuartz™ Professional

Ceramic coatings provide the best (coating-based) paint protection possible on a car. Our CARPRO CQuartz™ ceramic coatings permanently bond to the original finish and dramatically enhance its surface properties – giving the paint a candy-like gloss and making it super-hydrophobic, chemically resistant, and relatively hard to scratch. We are proudly one of the few accredited CQuartz™ Finest installers in the DFW metroplex.

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Paint Protection Film

STEK DYNO series Clear, Matte, Patterned and Colored PPF

Also known as “Clear Bra”, Paint Protection Film (PPF) is by far the best investment you can make on your car right after you buy it. With our invisible full-front or full-body installation, you can protect your vehicle’s paint from chipping (which is very common on DFW highways), flying debris damage, and scratching. The amazing properties of our film also include heat-activated self-healing and superhydrophobicity – thanks to its proprietary HYDROphobe® top coating.

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Clear Coat Restoration

RestorFX® Paint Refinishing

RestorFX® is the most advanced paint correction technology on the market. Unlike traditional wet sanding and polishing, it creates a new layer of clear-coating on the original finish and permanently repairs scratches – delivering an exceedingly-deep gloss and an additional layer of protection. As a licensed installer, we serve the entire Dallas Fort Worth metroplex.

8 Reasons Why We Are the Best Paint Protective Coating and Film Wrapping Studio in Dallas Fort Worth


Price Transparency

All of our prices are flat-rate and online. Before you book your service, you know the price upfront. 


Best Practices

We are committed to implementing always the best practices to our business – as it empowers us to consistently deliver the best results. One good example is our Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP) system. Since 2019, we use MRP to manage our workflow, monitor quality, eliminate human error and omission, and train new employees. We always try to be an early adaptor of new technologies – and we enjoy it, especially when all of our efforts translate into real-world results.


Best Equipment

When you visit our shop, you will see some tools and equipment that you haven't seen anywhere. We design, develop and fabricate our own equipment and installation tools; for a good reason - to deliver the best results ever possible and eliminate human error.


Wide Array of Services

Whether you are looking to protect your car's paint, or restore, repair, or refinish it, CeramicFX is here to help you. We serve the entire DFW metroplex and help you drive a new car everyday.


Online Valet Service

Your time is valuable to us. If you cannot bring your car to our shop, we can pick it up  from your home or business within Dallas Fort Worth metroplex..

Pick-up and delivery within 20 mile  distance is free. Regardless of distance, pick-up and delivery to a  partnering dealership is also free. 


Best Products

As a leader in automotive refinement, we are very picky in choosing the products we use on your car. We only use the products that give the best performance and best durability.


Next Generation Studio

As an innovative automotive refinement studio, we take detailing and car care to the next level by utilizing the best equipment and products that empower us to deliver always the best results. We take great pride in each vehicle we service and work only a select few at a time. At our shop  each vehicle is inspected and refined under 800 light-bulb-equivalent of lighting – no imperfection goes undetected and we make sure that our work is flawless prior to delivery.


Proactive Care Plans

Are you on the market for ceramic coating? If you do, how do you look for an installer, and how important for you is the warranty of the coating? If it is highly important, it shouldn't be. We use the best professional products on the market and all of them come with a warranty, however, we believe that for the end user these "documents" have almost no practical value or function. As a leader in car care, we came up with an alternative solution. We choose to take action, instead of giving promises. With our Proactive Care Plan (PCP) we refine and refresh your car's paint at regular intervals – using the best products and following the best practices, and help you drive a new car every day.