There is a better way to keep your car  looking at its best.

A more straightforward way that connects you with the best products and professional services in DFW and makes first-class paint refinement and protection more affordable and convenient. We are obsessively passionate about it, and our mission is to help you achieve it.

We think differently.

Our story started back in 2017. After spending 10 years in the paint industry (Nippon Paint of Japan and Caparol Paint of Germany), we realized that paint repair and refinement are among the least standardized, least developed, and least transparent fields of automotive maintenance and repair – and we see that as an opportunity. While car manufacturers and dealerships have quite a capacity in paint refinishing and collision repair, they do not offer the same level of service in paint repair and refinement. It is not actually regarded as a core service, but we believe it is.

A paint is not just a paint.

Automotive paint (in its coating form) is the only "original equipment" on your car that cannot be bought or replaced. It needs to be either refinished, repaired, or refined. Indeed, paint is one of the most important elements of your car that (emotionally) connects you to your car and is the second most important element (after design) that make you judge whether a car is beautiful or not. At CeramicFX, we believe that paint is not just a paint, and paint refinement is not paint refinement. It is instead a series of tailored activities that aims at making you love your car, again and more than ever.  

Our Highest Priority Is You.

Your satisfaction.  Your peace of mind. Your overall experience with us.

We implement always the best practices.

We are committed to implementing always the best practices to our business – as it empowers us to consistently deliver the best results. One good example is our Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP) system. Since 2019, we use MRP to manage our workflow, monitor quality, eliminate human error and omission, and train new employees. We always try to be an early adaptor of new technologies – and we enjoy it, especially when we see that our efforts translate into real-world results.

We are the best car care studio in DFW.

As an innovative automotive refinement studio, we take detailing and car care to the next level by utilizing the best equipment and products that empower us to deliver always the best results. We take great pride in each vehicle we service and work only a select few at a time. At our shop  each vehicle is inspected and refined under 800 light-bulb-equivalent of lighting – no imperfection goes undetected and we make sure that our work is flawless prior to delivery.