Partner with us to open new doors for your customers

It's a win-win: earn commissions and provide more choices to your customers with the CeramicFX Affiliate Program.


What is CeramicFX Affiliates

CeramicFX Affiliates is our exclusive marketing program for automotive dealerships. It is not another aftermarket F&I program. It is a platform that enables dealerships to monetize their online traffic, offer professional services to their customer and online visitors, and generate extra revenues.

How It Works

Sign Up & Recommend

Sign up and create a page that recommends one or more of our services  - e.g. ceramic coating. Your page will include a link to When the link is clicked, a 60-day cookie will be generated.


The cookies let you track visitors' actions. When a service is booked, your dealership will earn a commission. You will be able to track all transactions by logging into the Dealership Portal.


As a CeramicFX Affiliate, you will receive  your commission at the end of each month.

We Create Values

We offer great commissions, but most of our dealership affiliates endorse us for a different reason: the quality of service and premium customer experience. If you are not very familiar with affiliate programs, click here to learn more.

Easy Ways to Refer Customers and Earn Commissions

Referring customers is really easy. Become an affiliate partner, get your affiliate link and put it on your site, Facebook or Instagram posts, or share it with your walk-in customers. We help you creating your affiliate landing pages as well.

Why Recommend CeramicFX


Best value for the money

Our dealership partners love us because we come with the best value package: the best professional products and services, and great prices. Our affiliate program will help you generate extra revenues and increase customer satisfaction.


Price transparency

Our customers know the price upfront. No pricing gimmicks or hidden fees; just flat online prices or - if needed - a fair estimate.  When you refer your customers to us, we guarantee they will have a great experience with us.


Best practice

Our affiliate program contributes to the organic growth of your business. Unlike aftermarket F&I programs, it does not create friction between you and the customers. Instead, it increases overall customer satisfaction.


A unique loyalty program

With our loyalty program,  our customers collect points every time they service their vehicles with us and redeem points in their next visit. We have all the tools and programs to keep conversion rate high.


Variety of services

Our shops are specialized in paint correction, restoration, and protection, however, our vendor network allow us to offer a wide variety of reconditioning, refinishing and customization solutions.


Functionality & Aesthetics

We are obsessed with perfection. The advanced functionality and elegant design of will add prestige to your business. 

Tools For Affiliate Success

Custom landing pages

If you are actively referring, we create a custom landing page for you to help you convert your traffic even better. Alternatively, you can use our templates to create your own landing page.

In-house tracking

Our Dealership Portal allows you to track visitor activity, create reports and monitor commissions.