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Receiving a top-dollar trade-in offer from dealerships is challenging

...and will become even more challenging.

The automotive industry has experienced unprecedented challenges in recent years. From a global chip shortage to interest rate hikes, the past few years have truly been a rollercoaster ride for everyone, including manufacturers, dealerships, and buyers. Moving forward, the automotive industry will keep dealing with uncertainties, fast changes, and major price fluctuations.

As a meticulous car owner who consistently commits to maintaining your vehicle's top condition – from investing in paint protection film to preserve the original paint to consistently garaging your car and hand-washing it with care – you can expect a significantly higher trade-in offer. However, the chances are high that you may be disappointed, not because your car isn't worth more, but mainly because market uncertainties make dealerships less generous and more careful in their trade-in valuations to reduce their financial risks.

How perceived value varies across car buyers and dealerships

As someone who prioritizes the long-term condition and appeal of your vehicle, you likely view paint protection film as a crucial investment, anticipating an increase in your car's resale value.

However, realizing this added value depends on finding a buyer who shares your perspective. The reality is that the average car buyer often reacts to immediate costs, overlooking the long-term value and benefits. They don't typically focus on the fine details and imperfections or regard PPF as essential as you do. Dealerships, on the other hand, consider PPF a non-essential component during trade-in appraisals, aligning more with the average buyer's priorities and frequently overlooking PPF's role in preserving the vehicle's appearance.

The key to receiving a fair market value for your PPF-equipped car lies in connecting with like-minded buyers who recognize its value as you do. Our listing service is dedicated to helping you find the right buyers who appreciate the benefits of PPF and are willing to pay the extra dollars for your car as it features a factory original paint beneath the PPF.

Unleash your vehicle's true market value

Our listing service is designed to connect you with discerning buyers who value the pristine condition and original factory paint of your car. This service is provided at no cost, however, there is an application process and a few eligibility criteria to maintain our high standards of quality and relevance.

Once you fill out the application form and your vehicle qualifies, we will document the relevant details of the PPF installation process, demonstrating through photos that the installation adheres to the industry's best practices. We will also document that your car's paint was factory-original at the time of installation.

Upon completing the PPF installation, we will develop a dedicated page for your vehicle, similar to the example you can view here. This page will not only highlight the key attributes of your vehicle—primarily full body paint protection film, and factory-original paint—but also your proactive approach to car care as an owner.

"The fact is, by investing in paint protection film, you clearly demonstrate a commitment to maintaining not only your vehicle's appearance but also its long-term value and condition. This proactive step, especially when taken promptly, sets you apart as an owner and is one of the key reasons why buyers will be willing to pay a premium for your vehicle."

Upon publishing a dedicated page for your vehicle, it will be marked as a future market entrant. Potential buyers can then sign up to receive notifications about its availability. This feature not only enables interested parties to follow specific vehicles but also to monitor general categories by make and model.

When it's time to sell your car, say after three years, we will ask for details on its current condition. We will then use this information to determine a tentative asking price, ensuring that it is fair both for you as the seller and the potential buyer. This price will reflect various factors: trade-in valuations from dealerships and online platforms, your investment in paint protection film, the superior condition of your vehicle compared to the market average, and your meticulous ownership. Following a final inspection at our shop or by a partner installer to certify the paint’s factory condition, we will finalize your asking price.

To sum up, our service connects you as a seller who has invested in paint protection film to ensure your vehicle's immaculate condition, with buyers who seek out and value such high-quality, well-preserved vehicles. We offer this one-of-a-kind listing service at no additional cost, but it is important to note that access to this service is not only subject to a few eligibility criteria but also limited due to our current capacity.


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