Protect your car's factory-original look with Paint Protection Film (PPF)

We help you to move from the frustration of chips and scratches to the satisfaction of maintaining the new car look.
I want my car to look its best

Don't let Dallas highways chip away at your car's look and value – get PPF now

Drive confidently knowing your car's paint is protected on roads with heavy construction traffic in Dallas.
I want my car to look its best

Maintain your car's original look with PPF and maximize resale value

We help you avoid the costly cycle of frequent trade-ins by keeping your car looking its best.
I want my car to look its best

Drive with peace of mind, knowing Dallas road hazards can’t ruin your car’s paint

Keep your car looking new by protecting its paint from Dallas' harsh road conditions and Texas climate.
I want my car to look its best

Why choose Paint Protection Film

Explore the top five reasons why Paint Protection Film (PPF) is a smart choice for anyone wanting to keep their car looking its best.


Protects your car's paint from:

Impact and abrasion damages, which cause chipping and scratching, respectively,

Environmental elements that lead to staining, etching, and oxidation.


Simplifies the maintenance of your car's exterior appearance by featuring a self-healing top coat that:

Repairs minor scratches,

Makes hand washing safer, lowering the chance of scratching the paint.


Positively contributes to the cost of ownership of your car by:

Preserving the OEM paint,

Preventing costly body shop repairs,

Enhancing the resale value.


Gives the option for a visual upgrade of your vehicle with a range of finishes including;

gloss, satin, metallic, or color-shifting,

enabling you to personalize while protecting your car's exterior from damage.


Enhances your ownership experience by offering peace of mind during:

Highway driving,

Car washes,

Parked and exposed to the elements.

Trade the frustration of your car showing its age for one that defies the years with a flawless finish.
Colored and textured paint protection film gives your vehicle a unique look while protecting the factory paint.

Uncover the hidden costs of not protecting your vehicle's finish

Depreciation Cost

Without paint protection film, your new car can quickly lose its showroom appeal and become less visually attractive. This may prompt you to trade it in early, trapping you in a cycle of rapid depreciation with each new purchase. Considering that an average vehicle loses 20% to 30% of its value in the first year alone, frequent trade-ins will drain your finances unnecessarily. Investing in paint protection film, on the other hand, encourages you to keep your car longer and maintain its brand-new appearance. And more importantly, when depreciation becomes more reasonable after the third year, you'll be much more content to keep your car.

Opportunity Cost

Skipping paint protection film leaves your new car vulnerable to scratches, chips, and fading – compromising its flawless finish. This lack of protection diminishes your joy of ownership and peace of mind during daily drives and routine washes. Conversely, investing in this protection will allow you to enjoy your car without worrying about its appearance or resale value depreciating from cosmetic damage.

Market Value Loss

Skipping paint protection film on your brand-new car increases the chances the dealership won't rate your car in "excellent" condition during trade-in. This is particularly important if your car's warranty is still active and the dealership plans to sell it as a certified pre-owned vehicle. Car manufacturers have specific requirements for certified pre-owned vehicles, including being free from chips and scratches. If your vehicle shows signs of chips and scratches, the dealership may deduct the repainting expenses from its trade-in value to ensure it qualifies for its certified pre-owned program.

Every PPF installation is unique

Paint protection film and ceramic coating
2023 Mercedes-Benz AMG G63, Southlake, Texas
How much does it cost approximately to have a custom full-body PPF installed on a Mercedes-Benz G-Class?
The G-Wagon's iconic boxy design is a huge part of its appeal. However, this unique design presents complexities when installing paint protection film, translating to a much longer installation time – often two to three times that of an average SUV – and a price tag to match, usually in the $12,000 to $16,000 range for an invisibility-prioritized installation.
Paint protection film and ceramic coating
2022 BMW M4 Competition, Fort Worth, Texas
How much does it cost approximately to have a custom full-body PPF installed on a BMW M4 Competition?
While the BMW M4's sleek design presents some challenges for installing paint protection film, it's not as complex as the G-Wagon's boxy shape. The aggressive contours on specific panels – like the front bumper, front splitter, rocker panels, trunk, and spoiler – require more expertise and precision, resulting in a longer installation time than a standard sedan. Expect a corresponding price tag in the $7,000 to $10,000 range for a premium, near-invisible full-body PPF installation.
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2024 Audi RS 3 2.5T quattro
  1. Full-body paint protection film
  2. Ceramic coating
An Aston Martin DBX 707 is parked on a paved surface in an outdoor setting with trees and greenery in the background. The teal luxury sports SUV boasts sleek aerodynamic lines, large alloy wheels, and a distinctive front grille with yellow accents. The full-body factory paint is protected by paint protection film.
2024 Aston Martin DBX 707 AMR23 Edition
  1. Full-body paint protection film
  2. Ceramic coating
2024 Porsche Cayenne Turbo GT
  1. Full-body paint protection film
  2. Ceramic coating
2024 BMW X3 M40i
  1. Full-body paint protection film
2014 Bentley Flying-Spur
  1. Full-body paint protection film
  2. Ceramic coating
2023 Mercedes-Benz S580
  1. Full-body paint protection film
  2. Ceramic coating

Our commitment to delivering high-quality installations is rooted in (1) leveraging premium paint protection films, (2) employing in-house-built advanced installation tools, (3) implementing bespoke installation techniques, and (4) drawing upon the expertise of our highly skilled installers. We ensure that every vehicle we service receives superior protection and a perfect finish.

Escape the ordinary and discover our difference

At CeramicFX, our goal is to deliver installations that are seamlessly invisible, surpassing conventional industry standards. We achieve this by exploring and inventing alternatives to the standard materials, tools, and methods commonly employed in the field.

How do we choose the paint protection films?

While we consider numerous factors in our selection process, here we will highlight the ones of paramount importance.

One of the critical aspects we scrutinize is the curing speed of the paint protection film's adhesive. We prefer films that cure slowly, even though this extends the installation time and increases our costs. The rationale behind this preference is that slow-curing films allow us to adjust and reposition the film when needed, ensuring a cleaner and more invisible installation. These films also make it easier to remove any dirt particles that may become trapped underneath without damaging its appearance or integrity.

How does our unique shop setup empower us to consistently deliver high-quality results?

Since our foundation, our commitment has always been to upgrade our shop's capabilities progressively, aiming to empower our technicians to deliver top-tier installation services to our clients repeatedly. Building on this commitment, we have never been satisfied with merely meeting the industry's standards, which typically include a climate control room, clean flooring, intense lighting, etc. Instead, we have created a one-of-a-kind shop environment that far exceeds the industry's norms.

How do we leverage advanced installation techniques to ensure a bespoke installation?

Before delving into how we leverage different installation techniques to deliver a bespoke installation, we want to ensure you have the most accurate information. Let's debunk a myth first:

"Pre-cut kit installation is a modern method, ensuring precise and superior results."

While pre-cut kit installation is indeed a modern approach, it delivers superior outcomes primarily in scenarios where body panels feature complex shapes and sharp angles—such as the front bumpers or rear diffusers of a BMW M-Series. In most cases, however, bulk installation delivers much better results than pre-cut installation. Here are some of the reasons:

How do we ensure your satisfaction?

At CeramicFX, your satisfaction is our highest priority. From the first interaction, we focus on understanding your needs comprehensively and ensuring you are fully informed and confident in your decisions. Our ultimate goal is to deliver customized services and ensure we meet your specific needs.

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