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Ceramic Coatings are the state-of-the-art paint protection coatings on the market today. By definition, they are “high-solid inorganic coatings”. When applied on an automotive paint, they create a dense, chemically-inert, super-hydrophobic layer on top, which not only protect the paint but also improve the hardness and enhance the gloss.


You can drop-off your vehicle to our shop or your preferred dealership. We are located at 2714 W Kingsley Rd Ste C2, Garland, TX 75041. Alternatively, we can pick pick-up your vehicle from your preferred dealership without any extra cost. Please use the map below to choose your dealership.

In addition to these free options, most of our customers prefer getting their vehicles picked up from their address. This option comes with an extra charge of $40 for addresses in Dallas, Collin, and Rockwall Counties and $80 for Tarrant and Denton Counties. These charges are two-way, meaning; the total cost of pick-up and return for Dallas, Collin, and Rockwall Counties is $40.

You should know that in this option, your vehicle will be driven by our drivers. If you have an exotic or a classic car and if you cannot drop it off to our shop, we prefer arranging a flatbed tow truck for you. To get a quote for towing, please select the “Flatbed Towing” option while scheduling your booking and give us the pick-up and delivery address


A new ceramic coating will take about two weeks to cure to its full strength. During that time, you may expose your vehicle to mild conditions, but still some precautions needs to be taken.