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We made it easier for you to get your car painted. If your car does not have a collision or body damage, you don’t even need to fill out an estimate form. We offer simple, flat, and competitive pricing on all auto painting services, and deliver flawless, original-quality results.

Pricing is per panel. You get an additional 10% off when you have more then one panel to be painted. If your car has a collision or body damage, please take a moment to fill out our estimate form to receive an estimate.
Service Time: On average, 72 hour(s)
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What are the difference between "Original" and "Concours" auto painting?

During auto painting, we sometimes need "extra resources" to create premium results. What do we mean by that? First, we need to highlight some of the differences between auto painting in a manufacturing environment and a body shop. As we all know, in a car factory, human involvement in the painting process is very very limited. The process is almost 100% robotic and automated. In a body shop, however, it is just the opposite. It is almost 100% a manual process. But this's not the only difference, manufacturers use slightly different paint formulations in the factory.

All of these differences, in some cases, make it challenging to achieve perfect results in a body shop environment. If quality and accuracy expectations are very high, a body shop may need "extra resources", such as more time, more people, more material, and state-of-the-art facilities to achieve the targets. In these terms, Concours Auto Painting can be considered as a "resource-rich" process. In every paint job, we actually do not need these extra resources to get premium results. With our Original Auto Painting service, we deliver premium results in most cases, however, every paint job comes with its own uncertainties. After the process, if we realize that we did not get a showroom-quality result, we may not have the opportunity to start from scratch and make multiple trials by slightly modifying the formulation or process parameters. In Concours Auto Painting, however, we use all the resources to "experiment" and create premium results.