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Wash & Refresh Mid-Size

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Wash-and-Refresh is a detailing service we curated for ceramic-coated cars. It includes a hand car wash, 1-stage polish, interior detailing, and a ceramic coating refreshment application.

Service Time: Minimum 2 hour(s)
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What is ceramic coating refreshment?

It is not recoating. We spray hybrid ceramic sealants on the existing coating to boost its performance and increase its service life.

Why does this service include 1-stage polish but not 2 or 3-stage paint correction?

2 or 3-stage paint correction processes include light and heavy compounding steps, respectively. With 1-stage polish, we aim at slightly increasing gloss without destroying the ceramic coating.

What are the steps?

Flood wash

No rinse steam washing (if needed)

1-step polish

Interior detailing

Ceramic coating refreshment