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Our ceramic coatings refine the morphology of automotive paint at a submicron level and dramatically enhance its surface properties, such as hydrophobicity, hardness, and chemical resistance. Including a 2-stage professional paint correction, clay barring, and 2-layer coating, our process levels the paint surface and delivers an ultra-high gloss finish with an extraordinary capability to sheet water and resist chemicals attack.

We specialize in paint protection coating and film installations and guarantee that our customers in Dallas Fort-Worth get the best service possible with the latest technology, best know-how, and best products on the market.

Service Time: Minimum 3 hour(s)
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How long does the ceramic coating process take?

If your vehicle is brand new, the process will most likely take 3 hour(s).

How long does the ceramic coating last?

Our CarPro CQuartz ceramic coating permanently bonds to the paint and permanently seals it. Machine-induced abrasion, such as wet-sanding and heavy-compounding, is almost the only way to remove our coating. Repeated use of the wrong car wash place(e.g. a high traffic drive-thru wash) can be another reason for premature loss of coating properties. If you want to keep your car always looking at its best – although they are super convenient – you should stay away from drive-thru car wash places. One of the factors that reduce the hydrophobicity of the coating is scratching. Scratching not only reduces the slickness of the paint and increases surface friction, but also scrapes the ceramic coating at a microscopic level and exposes the clear coat to the elements. To extend the lifespan of the coating, we recommend washing your car using an automotive-grade power washer and collecting the dirt using a high number of clean microfiber towels. With proper care, you can take advantage of the great properties of our ceramic coating for long years.

Is paint correction really necessary before ceramic coating?

Paint correction is a de facto process to prep an automotive paint for ceramic coating. For several reasons, paint correction is "a must", rather than "an option"; (1) We have to remove the surface-bonded contaminants before coating application, and clay barring is the industry-standard method to do so. It is, however, an abrasive process (a very light one though) and may add some extra swirls marks to the paint, depending on its hardness and the source of the contamination. For this reason, clay barring must always be proceeded with at least a one or a two-stage paint correction, (2) Even if your car is brand new, there may be car wash swirls on the paint. Another reason why we perform paint correction before a ceramic coating application is to remove these car wash swirls, and (3) Automotive painting is one of the areas where a manufacturer can dramatically reduce costs without getting a legal penalty or serious customer complaint. Some manufacturers – including but not limited to Tesla and General Motors – adopt "a reactive approach" and correct only a few (or maybe none) of the paint imperfections before the unit leaves the factory, whereas some manufacturers adopt "a proactive approach" and allocate much more resources for their painting and quality control operations. If your vehicle has quite visible paint imperfections, we correct them – free of charge for a certain number of them – before a ceramic coating application.

What are the steps?

The ceramic coating process includes the following steps:

Spotless Wash: Foam cannon wash with demineralized and deionized (aka RO-DI) water.

Paint Inspection: Inspection of the (1) the paint thickness, (2) paint imperfections, such as factory-installed fish-eyes or incidental scratches, and (3) surface-bonded contaminants

Clay Barring and Iron Removal: Removal of surface-bonded contaminants (that cannot be removed by pressure washing). Clay barring is a light-abrasive method that pulls out the surface-bonded contamination. Iron removal is a chemical method that chemically attacks the brake dust (which is basically corroded, spiky iron dust particles) and dissolves it without damaging the paintwork.

Paint Correction: We perform 2-stage paint correction to remove swirl marks and enhance gloss.

Steam Washing: If necesary, we use a heavy-duty steam cleaner to remove contamination on the cracks and crevices.

Chemical Prepping: We use an alcohol solution to remove the waxes and silicones on the paint surface and prep it for coating.

Ceramic Coating Installation: Our highly-experienced technicians install the ceramic coating at our extremely well-lit and climate-controlled shop.

Quality Control: We check the quality of our work in each step before and after installation.

What are the main benefits of ceramic coating?

Ease of Maintenance: Sheets water, runs the dirt off. Makes car wash easier.

Enhances Resistance to Harsh Chemicals: Creates a barrier against chemicals and environmental fallouts that have the potential to etch the paint, including tree saps, bird droppings, bug splatter, and acid rain.

Semi-Permanent Seals the Paint: Chemically bonds to the paint and wears off only by mechanical means, such as wet sanding or heavy compounding.

Enhances Gloss: Fills the pores, smooths-out the paint surface, and enhances the gloss.

Enhances Resistance to Oxidation: Creates an extra layer of protection against UV rays, enhances resistance to oxidation

Enhances Resistance to Swirling: Increases hardness of soft paints and enhances their resistance to swirling and scratching.

Which ceramic coating products do we use and why?

We exclusively use CarPro CQuartz line of ceramic coatings and here is why:

CarPro is the inventor of automotive ceramic coating technology.

Compared to other professional ceramic coatings we used in the past, CarPro's CQuartz line of ceramic coatings has better gloss, hydrophobicity, durability, and water spotting resistance.

Unlike some other well-known brands on the market, CarPro is a manufacturer, does not well private label products.

CarPro does not rely on unrealistic warranties and overpromises to market its products and gain an unfair advantage on the market.

A high number of top-tier detailing shops in the U.S. and Europe use CarPro CQuartz line of ceramic coatings.

CarPro products are developed and manufactured in South Korea.