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CeramicFX Wheels Pro


Our wheel ceramic coating protects the wheel finish and makes maintenance much easier. Thanks to its super-hydrophobic properties, the coating keeps the wheels clean for longer and resists deposit build-up. With our “Pro” service, we coat the entire wheel including the barrel and brake calipers.

Pricing is per a pair of a wheel and a brake caliper.
Service Time: On average, 6 hour(s)
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How long does the ceramic coating last?

Our coating permanently-bonds to the paint and sustains its top performance for at least 3-4 years. It can only be removed from the paint by mechanical means, such as sanding or heavy-compounding. One of the main reasons for performance loss is scratching. If a ceramic-coated paint is not washed correctly and gets highly swirled and scratched, the loss of superhydrophobic properties becomes noticeable sooner. To sustain the top performance, we recommend you get your car washed using always "gentle" methods. This doesn't mean you cannot go to a drive-thru car wash, as not all of the drive-thru car wash places are the same. With proper care, you can benefit from the great properties of our ceramic coating for long years.

What are the steps?

Wheel removal

Flood wash

Steam washing


Ceramic coating

Wheel reinstallation (Using a torque wrench to factory specs)

What are the main benefits of ceramic coating?

Fills the pores, smooths-out the paint surface, and enhances the gloss

Prevents chemical sap etching

Creates a superhydrophobic layer, sheets water, runs the dirt off

Creates an extra layer of protection against UV rays, enhances resistance to oxidation

Increases paint hardness and enhances resistance to swirling and scratching

Helps keeping your car clean longer

Protects the paint against acid rain