Full Body Clear Bra

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Full Body installation is the best and most popular way to protect your car from rock chips. With this service, we get STEK DYNOshield paint protection film on the (1) front bumper, (2) hood, (3) front fenders, (4) side-view mirrors, and if applicable, (5) headlights.

A full-body wrap is the easiest and best way to maintain your vehicle.

A full-body wrap is the most convenient and best way to maintain your vehicle’s paint. STEK DYNOshield, DYNOmatt and DYNOprism are all infused with STEK HYDROphobe technology making them the most hydrophobic and easy to clean film on the market. Light swirls and scratches are a thing of the past with it’s self healing capabilities.

Service Time: Minimum 504 hour(s)
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