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Paint Chip Repair Pro

A Paint Touch-Up Pro session, which is priced at $149, includes the repair of up to 10 chips. If there is more in your vehicle, we will prepare an estimate before starting to work on it. Our standard price for any chips after the first 10 is 9$. See the description below for more details.
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Paint Touch-Up Pro is a multi-stage touch-up service. It includes several stages of touching-up, wet sanding, and paint correction. Compared to the Lite service, it creates much better results, however, it should not be regarded as a one-on-one substitute for a paint job.

Service Time: Minimum 8 hour(s)
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What is paint touch-up?

Paint touch-up is a popular procedure to repair paint chips and deeply-scratches. Compared to a full-panel paint job, it offers an affordable and quick solution; however, it should not be regarded as a one-on-one substitute. Instead, it is a quick-solution that mitigates, postpones, or in some cases eliminates the need for a paint job.

What will be the price if there is more than 10 chips?

If there is let's say 30 chips on your vehicle, your price will be $149 + $9 x (30-10) = $339. Our service includes the touching-up of deep scratches as well. We count every quarter-inch scratch as one chip.