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CeramicFX Full-Size

Ceramic Coating for Full-Size Cars & SUVs

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Our ceramic coating service delivers the best paint protection possible on a car. Including a 2-stage professional paint correction, our process dramatically enhances the appearance of your car and the surface properties of your paint – making car wash remarkably easier and less frequent.

Service Time: On average, 10 hour(s)
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How long does the ceramic coating process take?

Before a ceramic coating application, all cars require paint correction. On an average car, almost 80% of the time is spent to correct and prep the paint. If your car does not need more than a two or three-stage paint correction, we will most likely return it in about 10 hour(s).

How long does the ceramic coating last?

Our coating permanently bonds to the paint and sustains its top performance for at least 4-5 years. It can only be removed from the paint by mechanical means, such as wet-sanding or heavy-compounding. One of the main reasons for performance loss is scratching. If you do not wash your ceramic-coated car correctly, swirls and scratches will develop on your car's paintwork and will expose the uncoated bulk clear coat, which – eventually – will reduce the superhydrophobic properties. To sustain the top performance of the coating, we always recommend a gentle wash. This doesn't mean you cannot go to a drive-thru car wash, as not all drive-thru car wash places are the same. With proper care, you can benefit from the beautiful properties of our ceramic coating for long years.

What are the steps?

Flood wash

Clay bar treatment

2-stage paint correction

Steam washing (if needed)


Ceramic coating

What are the main benefits of ceramic coating?

Fills the pores, smooths-out the paint surface, and enhances the gloss

Prevents bird dropping, tree sap and bug acid etching

Creates a superhydrophobic layer, sheets water, runs off the dirt

Creates an extra layer of protection against UV rays, enhances resistance to oxidation

Increases paint hardness and enhances resistance to swirling and scratching

Helps keeping your car clean longer

Protects the paint against acid rain