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RestorFX® is the most advanced paint restoration and correction technology on the market. It creates a new layer of clear-coat on the original finish and permanently repairs scratches and clear-coat imperfections.

Pricing is per panel. Roofs of SUVs are excluded from this price. We have quantity discounts available. Any extra panel is $70 off.
Service Time: On average, 6 hour(s)
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What Is RestorFX®?

RestorFX® is the most advanced paint restoration and correction technology on the market today. It is not a polish, not a ceramic coating. It is a two-part professionally-applied automotive clear-coat that chemically adheres to the original paint, permanently repairs the scratches, swirls marks, fading, and restores a high-quality shine.

How RestorFX® works?

RestorFX® is a professional clear-coat that has extensive capability to restore and correct automotive paints. Unlike traditional paint correction, RestorFX® does not reduce the overall thickness of the paint, instead, it increases the thickness by creating a new exterior layer. Before application, every square inch of the paint is lightly wet-sanded to prep the surface and ensure permanent bonding. After application, RestorFX® self-levels and creates a new tough layer of protection.

How long does the coating last?

RestorFX® is a permanent coating. It stays on the paint as long as the original paint stays on the car. It does not wear off, lose performance, disappear, peel, or delaminate.

What are the steps?

What are the benefits?

How RestorFX® Compares to Conventional Paint Correction


Paint Correction & Restoration

Paint Correction

Multi-Step Process
~8 Hours

8 Hours

Light Scratches

Repairing of superficial scratches and swirl marks


Semi-Deep Scratches

Repairing of deeper clear-coat scratches


Deep Scratches

Repairing of scratches that partially go down to the base-coat




Repairing of scuffs that partially go down to the base-coat



Severe Etching

Repairing of deep hard-water etching


Superficial Etching

Repairing of superficial hard-water etching


Contaminants and Deposits 

Cleaning of road tar and grime



Cleaning of oversprays


Tree Sap and Bird Dropping Damage

Repairing of paint etching



Process Summary

An average process involves; (1) Two-step washing, (2) Three-step wet sanding the entire vehicle, (3) Tar, grime, overspray etc. removal, (4) Taping and masking, (5) Air darting , (6) Prepping before clear coat application, (7) RestorFX® application, (8) Quality control and paint correction, (9) Touching-up of paint chips, (10) Removal and reinstallation of emblems and letterings

An average process involves; (1) Two-step washing, (2) Three-step local wet sanding, (3) Tar, grime, overspray etc. removal, (4) Three-step polishing, (5) Quality control, (6) Touching-up of paint chips