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Wheel Blackout

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Wheel Blackout is one of the most popular refinishing and customization services. It is a great option especially when you also blacked-out your trims, grills, and windows.

You have three finish options to choose from; (1) High-Gloss Black, (2) Matte Black, and (3) Satin Black. Depending on your budget and expected turnaround time, you can also choose your finishing method, which can be either Powder-Coating or traditional Wheel Refinishing. Pricing is per wheel.Quantity discounts available: Two wheels 5% off, three wheels 10%, four wheels 15% off.
Service Time: On average, 2 day(s)
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Which finishing option should you choose?

It is a personal taste. If you have a black car with a beautiful finish, the "High-Gloss Black" can be a good option. Regardless of the color of your vehicle, however, you can never make a mistake when you choose the "Matte-Black" or "Satin Black" option. In our opinion, they create a great combination with any car finish.

Which one should to choose: "Wheel Powder-Coating" or "Wheel Refinishing"?

Powder-Coating creates a superior coating when it comes to durability and color options, however, the turnaround time is longer and there is some price difference. If you have the time and enough budget, we recommend Powder-Coating over Wheel Refinishing.

What does the service include?

What does not the service include?