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Wheel & Brake Caliper Ceramic Coating

CARPRO CQuartz™ Ceramic Coating for Wheels and Brake Calipers. The Price Is for All Four Wheels and Brake Calipers.
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Ceramic coating is a great way to protect your wheels and brake calipers from contaminants (such as brake dust, tar, salt, and road grime) and make the clean process much easier. Our CARPRO CQuartz™ Professional Series ceramic coating not only increases the hydrophobicity of the wheel and brake caliper finish but also enhances their gloss. The process includes full surface decontamination (wheel faces, wheel barrels and brake calipers) and two layers of CARPRO CQuartz™ ceramic coating.

Service Time: Minimum 6 hour(s)
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What are the steps?

Wheel removal

Flood wash

Steam washing


Ceramic coating

Wheel reinstallation (Using a torque wrench to factory specs)

What are the main benefits of ceramic coating?

Fills the pores, smooths-out the paint surface, and enhances the gloss

Prevents chemical sap etching

Creates a superhydrophobic layer, sheets water, runs the dirt off

Creates an extra layer of protection against UV rays, enhances resistance to oxidation

Increases paint hardness and enhances resistance to swirling and scratching

Helps keeping your car clean longer

Protects the paint against acid rain