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Wheel Powder Coating

Our Wheel Powder-Coating service includes minor cosmetic damage repair, such as curb rash. If there is serious cosmetic or structural damage on your wheels, please check our Wheel Remanufacturing service.

Pricing is per wheel.

Quantity discounts available: Two wheels 5% off, three wheels 10%, four wheels 15% off.
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Powder-Coating is our most popular wheel refinishing service. There is a reason for its popularity: You have more than six thousand colors to choose from and the process delivers a high-quality premium finish that will outperform any alternative.

Service Time: Minimum 4 day(s)
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What is Powder-Coating?

Powder-Coating is a process that offers a far more superior finish than the alternative wheel refinishing services. It offers greater durability, enhanced wear characteristics, and impact resistance. In addition to the superior durability, Powder-Coating comes with a great variety of finish and texture options including basic gloss, semi-gloss, and flat finishes. There are more than six thousand colors to choose from and if a specific color is needed, custom color matches can be made to match.

What makes Powder-Coating the best wheel refinishing option?

Compared to traditional wheel paint, powder-coats have high solid contents. They don't cure like traditional paints as they are not solvent-based. Instead, they are baked to cure. The Powder-Coating process creates a high-quality, extremely durable, and long-lasting finish that provides maximum protection against the elements and road hazards.

What are the process steps?

If a wheel is not brand new, we first inspect it before start working on it.

We strip the old finish with a chemical process.

If there is cosmetic damage on the wheel, we repair it at this stage at no extra cost.

We prep the wheel with a primer to ensure proper adhesion and long-lasting adhesion of the powder-coating.

After prepping, we powder-coat the wheel with the requested color and finish.

After the powder-coating process, we bake the wheel at about 400°F for curing.

What does the service include?

Powder coating all of the services of the wheel

Cosmetic damage repair, such as curb rash, scratches, and peeling

What does not the service include?