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Wheel Refinishing

Our Wheel Refinishing service includes minor cosmetic damage repair, including curb rash. If there is serious cosmetic or structural damage on your wheels, please check our Wheel Remanufacturing service.

Pricing is per wheel.

Quantity discounts available: Two wheels 5% off, three wheels 10%, four wheels 15% off.
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Wheel Refinishing is our mid-tier wheel refinishing service. If you have high-gloss wheels with curb damage, this can be your best option, especially if turnaround time and cost are a priority.

Service Time: Minimum 2 day(s)
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What is Wheel Refinishing?

Wheel Refinishing is an affordable and relatively quick way to give your wheels a makeover. Whether you want to change the color of your wheels or renew the oxidized, peeled, or scratched old finish, our Wheel Refinishing service is a solid option, especially if you cannot allocate days for Wheel Powder-Coating.

What is the difference between Wheel Refinishing and Wheel Remanufacturing?

Our Wheel Refinishing service is basically a coating process that includes only minor cosmetic damage repair. The process will return an average used wheel to a “Like-New” condition. If the damage is severe and you want your wheels to look like "Almost-Brand-New" you should check our Wheel Remanufacturing service. It is important to note that Wheel Refinishing is not a full wheel restoration. After the process, there may be very minor imperfections upon close inspection.

What are the process steps?

If a wheel is not brand new, we first inspect it before start working on it.

If there is cosmetic damage on the wheel, we repair it at this stage at no extra cost.

We sand the wheel and prep it with a primer to ensure proper adhesion and long-lasting adhesion of the paint.

After prepping, we spray the requested color and finish to the wheel.

What does the service include?

Painting the exterior surfaces of the wheel, including the barrel.

Cosmetic damage repair, such as curb rash, scratches, and peeling

What does not the service include?

In which cases should you choose Wheel Refinishing over Powder-Coating?