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Wheel Remanufacturing

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Wheel Remanufacturing is an advanced wheel repair and refinishing service. It is not for every wheel but for those that require welding, straightening, and/or CNC machining. The default finishing method for remanufactured wheels is powder-coating.

Pricing is per wheel.Quantity discounts available: Two wheels 5% off, three wheels 10%, four wheels 15% off.
Service Time: On average, 5 day(s)
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What is Wheel Remanufacturing?

Wheel Remanufacturing is used for wheels that have structural damages, especially ones that are bent, cracked, or have missing metal. The process for remanufacturing uses TIG welding, CNC machining, powder-coating, and vibratory wheel polishing.

How do we repair the cracks?

We use the TIG welding process to repair the cracks on allow wheels. Our wheel welding service is for wheels that have minor cracks. Before welding, we carefully inspect a wheel and ensure that it is safe to repair. If it is not safe, we return it back to you and recommend sourcing an OEM wheel.

What are the process steps?

We thoroughly inspect all wheels before remanufacturing. If we find out that your wheel cannot be repaired back to OEM specifications, we return it back to our customer.

We strip the old finish with a chemical process.

We repair any major and minor damages. If there are cracks, the wheel goes to the TIG welding process. If there are bents, we straighten the wheel. If there are curb rash, we repair them. Finally, we machine the wheel on a precision CNC lathe to smooth out welded areas, if there are any.

We prep the wheel with a primer to ensure proper adhesion and long-lasting adhesion of the powder-coating.

After prepping, we powder-coat the wheel with the requested color and finish.

After the powder-coating process, we bake the wheel at about 400°F for curing.

After baking the process, the wheel is placed inside a vibratory tumbler and polished to create a smooth surface.

If the original wheel has a two-tone effect, we CNC machine the wheel faces.

We apply a clear-coat on the wheel for long-lasting protection.

Finally, we bake the wheel one more time to cure the powder clear-coat.

What does the service include?

A thorough inspection for damages and cracks

Powder coating all of the services of the wheel

Bent repair and straightening

Cosmetic damage repair, such as curb rash, scratches, and peeling

CNC machining (if there is welding)

What does not the service include?

Not all remanufactured wheels have cracks. If there is any cracks, we charge it separately.

Some wheels have a two-tone effect some don't. If your wheel is one of those, we machine the wheel face with CNC lathe and charge it separately.