Interactive Window Tint Widget

Plus a one-time setup and customization fee of $199

As a window tint shop owner, you understand the crucial role of guiding your customers to the ideal film choice. We, as humans, are inherently visual beings, which is also why there is such a thing as tinting, and there is a significant demand for it.

We developed this JavaScript widget to tap into this visual preference, modernizing how you showcase and compare window tint films on your website. This widget not only informs customers and guides them to the right product for their needs and budget but also visually represents the benefits of the window tints you or your competitors offer.

By providing detailed, easy-to-compare film analyses, this widget enhances your expertise and customer service, making the selection process engaging and insightful for your customers.

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Accelerates sales conversions

Our widget simplifies the decision-making process for customers, resulting in quicker and more efficient sales.

Steers customers to the optimal product

Our widget guides customers to the best product for their needs, enhancing customer satisfaction.

Enhances interaction quality

Our widget enables more informative communication with customers, leading to satisfying experiences.

Comprehensive Radar Chart Visualizations

Your customers rely on your expertise to choose the right film. The radar charts make this easier by visually representing the performance of window tint films in three crucial areas:

Total Solar Heat Rejection (TSHR)
Show your customers exactly how each film will help keep vehicles cooler and reduce AC usage
Visible Light Transmission (VLT)
Easily explain the balance between natural light entry and privacy, enhancing customer satisfaction.
UV Protection
Demonstrate the film's effectiveness in blocking harmful UV rays, a key selling point for vehicle protection and safety.

Diverse Tint Level Analysis

With eight different tint levels, you can showcase a wide range of options to your customers. This comprehensive view assists in pinpointing the perfect film that meets their specific needs for heat rejection, light transmission, and UV protection. By incorporating our widget into your shop’s services, you elevate your customers’ experience, providing them with a clear, data-driven basis for their choices. This not only enhances customer trust and satisfaction but also positions your shop as a leader in technological integration and customer education. Make a smart investment in your window tint shop’s future with our cutting-edge JavaScript widget – your tool for informed, confident film selection.