Wash & Refresh

Professional Car Wash & Ceramic Coating Refreshment

Wash & Refresh

Professional Car Wash & Ceramic Coating Refreshment

It's More Than a Car Wash

Our Wash & Refresh maintenance detail adds shine and protection to your car. This detail option is perfect to keep your paint looking clean and fresh. The process involves a 1-step polish, which will enhance the gloss to a limited degree but will not remove any scratches or swirl marks. Here are the main steps:

Car Wash

The process begins with a car wash. We will use a foam cannon and a heavy-duty degreaser - or any degreaser of your choice - to completely foam your car and lift-off the dirt. We will use a pressure washer running at 2.2 GPM to rinse your car and fresh microfiber towels - at least 6 or 10 of them depending on the size of your vehicle - to collect the remaining dirt and dry the exterior.

Deep Exterior Decontamination

In most cases, power washing does not remove 100% decontaminate the exterior of a vehicle. Depending on the type and intensity of the contaminants and deposits, we will either use our industrial steam cleaner with a chemical injection capability to steam-wash your vehicle, or use conventional iron removers and clay bars to chemically lift-off the deposits and mechanically collect them.

1-Step Polish

We perform a one step polish to enhance gloss and remove minor blemishes on the paint.

<sup>&dagger;</sup> 1-Step polish should not be regarded as paint correction.

Interior Vacuum Free

Our Wash & Refresh maintenance detail includes a free interior vacuuming. If your car needs a deeper cleaning, you can add Interior Detailing  during booking.

Coating Refreshment Free

If your car has ceramic coating, we use our ceramic maintenance spray to refresh the coating and maintain the high gloss and hydrophobic properties. If there is no coating, we use a synthetic sealant to seal the paint.