Paint Touch-Up

Advanced Paint Chip & Scratch Repair

Paint Touch-Up

Advanced Paint Chip & Scratch Repair

Paint touch-up is a popular procedure to repair chipped and deeply-scratched automotive paints. Compared to a full-panel paint job, it is an affordable and quick solution; however, it should not be regarded as a one-on-one substitute for a paint job. Instead, it is a quick-solution that mitigates, postpones, or sometimes eliminates the need for a paint job.

Paint touch-up is usually the method of choice if; (1) the chipping and/or scratching is not very intense, (2) the reconditioning budget is relatively low, or (3) there are specific reasons that make it a better alternative against a repaint job.

We have two different services, "Pro" and "Lite". The Lite service is a basic, single-stage touch-up paint application using a fine brush. Unlike Paint Touch-Up Pro, it does not include a post-dressing stage like wet sanding and paint correction, however, it is a more affordable and quick process, which also makes it the most popular paint touch-up procedure.

Paint Touch-Up Pro service, however, is a multi-stage process. Not only the paint is applied in multiple stages, but also the chip or scratch area is wet sanded and polished to level the touch-up paint and blend it with the original finish.

Paint Touch-Up Lite


Paint Touch-Up Pro


Base Repair Session



Additional Chip Touch-Up

Per Chip, After First 10



Includes the repair of up to ten chips.