Best Invisible Paint Protection Film in Dallas Texas


Best Invisible Paint Protection Film in Dallas Texas

Best Form of Paint Protection

Unmatched Hydrophobicity

Unlike other paint protection films on the market – including 3M's Scotchgard or XPEL's Ultimate Plus – STEK's DYNO series films have an exceptional ability to sheet water and resist contamination and staining.

Ultra Gloss Finish

When it comes to gloss and clarity, no other clear bra can compete with STEK DYNOshield. Thanks to its proprietary topcoat, DYNOshield has unparalleled clarity and gloss – making it the most advanced automotive paint protection film on the market.

Heat-Activated Self-Healing Top Coat

It sounds too good to be true but self-healing is real – making paint protection films one of the must-have automotive aftermarket products. Technically speaking, self-healing is the ability of the topcoat to rearrange its surface morphology when exposed to a heat source or simply to the sun. The rearrangement takes place at the microscopic level, which levels or entirely disappears the surface scratches and mars.

Stain and Chemical Resistant

The proprietary HYDROphobe® top coat not only sheet water, run off the dirt, and keep your car clean, but also prevents the etching from bird droppings, tree saps, and bug acids.

Puncture and Impact Resistant

With its outstanding shock, impact, and puncture resistance, DYNO series paint protection films protect your vehicle's paint against chipping and scratching, creating a barrier between you and the open road.

10 Year Warranty

With its outstanding shock, impact, and puncture resistance, DYNO series paint protection films protect your vehicle's paint against chipping and scratching, creating a barrier between you and the open road.

Best Form of Paint Protection

Did you know that automotive paint protection films are 5 to 7 times thicker than the clear coat of an average car? Combined with excellent impact resistance, shock absorbance, and self-healing properties, paint protection film – also known as Clear Bra – is the best form of protection you can have against rocks chips, flying debris, scratching, staining, and environmental hazards.

Best Clear Bra Installation in Dallas

For a perfect PPF installation, experience is a must but not enough. A perfect installation requires utilizing unconventional equipment and following specific procedures so as to eliminate conditions that give rise to errors and imperfections. Our operations differentiate from the other clear bra installers in Dallas Forth Worth in a variety of ways. Our in-house-built jib crane is one of them. We believe that with conventional installation tools, such as spray bottles or kegs, a perfect installation is possible but never repeatable. For this reason, we design, develop and build our own equipment, making perfect installations possible and sustainable.

Not All Paint Protection Films Are the Same

When installed on automotive surfaces, paint protection film, aka Clear Bra, creates an invisible layer of protection against rock chips, scratches, etching (from bird droppings, tree saps, bug splatters, etc.), and a wide variety of environmental and incidental hazards.

Paint protection film was first developed by 3M for the U.S. Army during Vietnam War. The initial goal was to protect helicopter rotor blades and sensitive parts from flying debris and shrapnel. In the 1980s, people started to see the benefits of films in non-military applications, including race car wrapping, and in the 1990s, paint protection film started to become very popular among car enthusiasts and luxury cars owners.

The first-generation films were quite successful in protecting automotive surfaces from rock chips and road debris; however, there was a problem – the films' adhesives were not resistant to UV, resulting in film yellowing and cracking. With the advancements in adhesive and top-coat technology, non-yellowing and self-healing films were introduced to the market, which we consider today second-generation. The introduction of the self-healing feature was especially a milestone for the paint protection industry, as the films started to deliver the best of both worlds to the customers – providing excellent protection against rock chips, road debris, and scratching without any compromise in aesthetics.

In the early 2010s, ceramic coatings were introduced to the market and semi-permanent hydrophobicity became a much more sought-after property for car owners. In the late 2010s, using ceramic coatings to enhance the hydrophobicity of paint protection films became almost an industry-standard – as it was the only way to achieve semi-permanent hydrophobicity on a wrapped car – up until when the South Korean manufacturer STEK Automotive disrupted the market by introducing the first-ever intrinsically-hydrophobic paint protection film, STEK DYNO series.

We believe that this is a new milestone for the industry, as this new type of film repels water and dirt unlike any other film on the market and makes maintenance easier.

Following STEK's revolutionary film, Eastman recently introduced a similar film called SunTek Reaction. According to our best knowledge, the other major manufacturers' films – including 3M's Scotchgard and XPEL's Ultimate Plus – are not on par with STEK's DYNO and Eastman's SunTek Reaction series films.

At CeramicFX, STEK's DYNO series is our primary choice of paint protection film, as it differentiates from the competition with its clarity, gloss and hydrophobicity.