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Best Professional Ceramic Coating


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CeramicFX Exterior

Applied to all painted exterior surfaces.

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Earn store credit every time you use our services.

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Free for Southlake, Colleyville and Grapevine. Destination charges may apply for other cities within DFW metroplex.

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By far the best online support in automotive recon. Ask anything about paint protection, body repair and customization, get answers from experts. 

1-Stage Polish Free

1-stage polish is free. It usually provides enough correction for new cars.

10% Off Future Paint Correction

Ceramic coating makes a paint scratching-resistant, but not scratching proof. You will have an extra 10% discount when your car needs a paint correction.

10% Off Future Ceramic Coating

Pay less next time for the ceramic coating services.

Hand Wash & Refreshment Free

Performed usually 12 months after initial application.


What Is a Ceramic Coating

As cars evolve, so too do the ways we maintain and protect them. Today, ceramic coatings are the go-to paint protection systems on the market. By definition, they are high-solid inorganic coatings. Very much like glass, they are silica (SiO2) based, and this reflects into their end-use properties, such as chemical inertness and hardness. Due to their high inorganic content, they can only be manually applied by hand. Right after application, the coating transforms into a solid inorganic shell that dramatically improves the surface chemistry of the paint and semi-permanently seals it.

What Are the Benefits of a Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coatings provide the best paint protection possible on a car. The biggest benefit is their effective protection against dirt and chemicals that attack your car's paint and make it look older even in the early stages of your ownership. Ceramic coatings are very chemically stable and do not break down under harsh conditions, e.g. shortly after a bird dropping or tree sap exposure. They are also very popular for their exceptional water beading and dirt run-off capability. Unlike wax, they are semi-permanent. The hard shell that they create not only improves resistance to scratching, but also provides extra protection against chemical etching, UV rays, and oxidation.


Is Ceramic Coating Permanent

Ceramic coatings are semi-permanent. Their chemical properties on paper may allow us to classify them permanent, however, compared to a clear-coat, it is much easier to remove a ceramic coating by mechanical means - i.e. by sanding - as they are thin coatings. Regarding the life span, unfortunately, lots of empty promises are being made by some manufacturers or their installers. Some companies even give lifetime warranties that can be voided with a car wash. These false marketing efforts create the impression that ceramic coatings are permanent and provide lifetime protection in any circumstances. In theory, they can be classified as permanent, we very much prefer them calling semi-permanent coatings.

How Long Does a Ceramic Coating Last

Depending on how you care and maintain your car, a professional ceramic coating delivers great value in the first 2 to 5 years. But, this shouldn't be interpreted as the lifespan of the coating. Ceramic coatings create value by improving the surface chemistry and morphology of the paint. Even after 30 years and hundreds of car washes, it may be possible to find trace amounts of ceramic coating on the paint surface. But, this doesn't mean that the lifespan of the coating is 30 years. Although some of the end-use performance will diminish over the years, the value ceramic coating offers in the first 5-years is relatively high that it can be regarded as the life span of the coating.



Deep Scratches

Fingernail Scratches

Carwash Scratches

Buffer Marks


Base Coat

Clear Coat



Does Ceramic Coating Repair Scratches

Ceramic coatings are not formulated to repair scratches and correct the paint. Their high inorganic content does not allow them to form a thick layer or self-level. Before ceramic coating, however, almost all cars need paint correction, even brand new cars. Paint correction not only removes blemishes and enhances gloss, but also preps the finish and increases the effective life span of the coating. Even for a brand new car, you can use our Paint Correction Cost Estimation Tool to find out your options. This unique tool will help you identify your paint correction need and find out how much it will cost you.

Is Ceramic Coating Worth It?

In most cases, getting your car, SUV, or truck ceramic coated well worth the price. The maximum value that you can get from a ceramic coating depends on four things; (1) how you maintain your car, (2) what kind of a vehicle you have, (3) coating quality, and (4) application quality.

As an owner, if you often neglect your vehicle and wash it every six months, it doesn't matter how perfect your paint is or what kind of awesome coat is lying underneath the dust layer atop. A ceramic coating does not eliminate the need for a car wash. If your goal is to keep your car's paint looking its best for a long time, you need to wash it at least one or two times a month and not neglect it.

If your vehicle is - as an example - a daily-driven, black, full-size luxury SUV, you have a lot of reasons to get it ceramic coated.


e.g. Mercedes Benz E-Class

No other color represents elegance better than black. It's the 2nd most popular color, but not easiest to maintain. A ceramic coating takes your black car ownership experience to another level.



e.g. Range Rover

We all expect luxury cars to be more comfortable, more attractive, flawless and always clean and glossy. A ceramic coating helps keeping a luxury car's paint looking its best for a long time.


Daily Driver

e.g. Tesla Model 3

If you like to keep your daily driver looking its best, you need the best protection available on the market, which is - hands downs - a professional ceramic coating.



e.g. Cadillac Escalade

Full-size SUVs are more often washed at drive-thru places and get scratched easily. Scratches are usually more visible as the ground clearance of full-size vehicles is high.



e.g. Porsche 911 GT3 RS

It's never a good idea to neglect an exotic car or keep it unprotected. The cost of paint repair will be much higher than any protective installation. A ceramic coating is always a good investment for exotics.


Soft Paint

e.g. Range Rover Velar

Some cars come with high-gloss low-texture paint. Aesthetic-wise, these paints look spectacular, but they are relatively soft. With ceramic coating, you get the best of both worlds.


Benefits of Ceramic Coatings

Ease of maintenance

Sheets water, runs the dirt off

Enhances gloss

Fills the pores, levels the clear-coat

Enhances resistance to scratching

Forms an abrasion resistant hard coat

Enhances resistance to chemical attack

Resists acid rain, tree sap, bird dropping

Enhances resistance to oxidation

Resists UV degradation and oxidation

Semi-permanent sealing

Chemically-bonds to the paint, very hardly wears off 


Corrects the paint, repairs scratches

Protects the paint, but not corrects it

Eliminates the need to wash

Requires washing, like untreated cars

Prevents scratching

Resists scratching but not prevents it

Prevents water spotting

Requires care, like untreated cars


If you are on the market for a ceramic coating and get confused with the warranties offered by different brands, good news, we have a different approach. Like others, we could have given a 10-year warranty that easily becomes void by parking a car under a tree or washing at a drive-thru place. But we don't. Instead, we offer extra services that really matter and create value.

Warranties are meaningful if the loss of a function is measurable. Properties like scratching resistance or chemical resistance can only be measured by destructive testing in a laboratory set-up, which means; one needs to damage the paint to find out the existence or loss of a property. Not a good idea; however, the fact is, ceramic coatings are relatively new on the market, and there are no established non-destructive tests available yet.

Under these circumstances, established companies usually don't give serious warranties for their products, and in ceramic coating industry, they don't; because the given warranties are not serious, they're marketing documents. Most warranty protocols are written in such a way that customers never - or very rarely - come to the point where they can file a claim and get a reapplication.

We have a different approach. All ceramic coatings we use in our applications have a  manufacturer warranty, but we do not use these documents to stand out in the competition. We, instead, proactively support our customers throughout their experience with a ceramic coated car and help them keep their cars always looking new.

We Deliver the Best Overall Experience

Premium Online Support Free

When you have an account with us, you can use our premium support portal to ask anything about car care, maintenance, body shop repairs, or customization. Send pictures and videos of your car and get instant answers from industry experts.

Hand Wash & Refreshment Free

We recommend a refreshment application in every 12 months. The first application is free and includes a hand wash.

4% Rewards with Every Purchase

With every purchase, you earn a 4% store credit. The good news is, you can combine these credits with other discounts.

10% Off Future Paint Correction

Ceramic coating will make your car scratch-resistant but not scratch-proof. Things happen to cars, after 3 years the ceramic coating will still be on the car, but it may need paint correction. You will get 10% discount on paint correction or RestorFX® paint restoration services.

10% Off Future Ceramic Coating

If we do 3-stage or 5-stage paint correction on your car, it will (or may) remove the ceramic coating. In this case, you have an extra 10 % discount on your next application. 

Vale Pick Up and Delivery Free

Free for Southlake, Colleyville and Grapevine. Destination charges may apply for other cities within DFW metroplex.

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